Managing Director's Message
I would like to introduce DEEP GATE WAY OVERSEAS one of the distinguished and ideal manpower recruiting companies in Nepal. This company was established in 2002 AD with an objective to provide skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Nepalese manpower to overseas companies.

Till today DEEP GATE WAY OVERSEAS Pvt.Ltd. has maintained its fame and status by retaining its quality service.It would not be an exaggeration to note that this company has never compromised in providing quality service.

I must emphatically say that since Nepalese manpower has a high regard all over the world for all the bravery, honesty and hard work,DEEP GATE WAY OVERSEAS Pvt.Ltd. will continue to send Nepalese youths without deviating itself from its responsibility and sincerity by keeping itself on the right track.

We always strive to provide well-paid and reputed jobs abroad. Besides endeavoring to help every Nepali national to get a suitable employment, the organization aims at catering to the needs of the unemployed people who are willing to secure a comfortable life.

For this, our efforts alone will not be enough. We need support from local, national and international sectors and most importantly, from you.

Thanking You
With Regards,

Vikash Jung Rayamajhi
Managing Director